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hanging on each moment

well, hey there. it has been exactly one month since i have posted on my blog. i feel guilty and neglectful, but i have (obviously) been pretty occupied elsewhere. the last 31 days have been an almost accidental yet totally intentional sabbatical. … Continue reading

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i wish it weren’t evil, but it is.

there is a chair in my bedroom. and it is a lovely chair. it is comfortable and cozy. it’s quite good looking and i wholeheartedly heart it. except for one thing. it makes me do bad things. now, a chair … Continue reading

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the joy of (watching a) discovery

sometimes i have deep thoughts. really deep thoughts. bear with me as i explain one i had this afternoon. so there i was, driving along a non-country (but we’re in branson so) country road. for some reason it made me think … Continue reading

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a frog on my toilet

as you read the title of this post you are probably thinking, “wow, lindsay is so funny and creative! she really caught my eye with that title… what does she actually mean?” there is no hidden, brilliant story. there was … Continue reading

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the comfort of thunder

there is something so profound about a summer storm. particularly summer lightning storms. they are so awesomely powerful yet they’re extremely comforting and peaceful. don’t ask me why this is. (add this to the list of questions i’ll be asking … Continue reading

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my love letter to blurb

dear blurb, i know we have only just recently met, but i already feel comfortable saying i love you. too soon? i don’t care. and i want the world to know. when we first became acquainted, i would get frustrated … Continue reading

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it’s not happening today

i regret to inform the lovely readers of the team us blog that a tear-evoking, laugh out loud, life-changing blog post just isn’t going to happen today. the hubbeh and i are on our (THANK YOU, LORD) last road trip of the … Continue reading

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