it’s not happening today

i regret to inform the lovely readers of the team us blog that a tear-evoking, laugh out loud, life-changing blog post just isn’t going to happen today. the hubbeh and i are on our (THANK YOU, LORD) last road trip of the season for afterdark…
and i have a dentist appointment in the morning (::stink face::).
as wonderful as this dentist may be (he’s a good, old friend of mah hubs), i do not look forward to the muscle-tensing, nerve-racking, metal-scraping-on-my-teeth that will be my monday morning.
YET ever since i birthed a human life, i now think i can do way more than i think i can at certain moments. 
so i am telling ME to remember this as i sit down and make myself awkwardly vulnerable to a hygienist i have never met, as she sticks her fingers and her metal pokers into my mouth.  
with this plight of whininess, i leave you with this:
sweet memories from almost exactly one year ago to the day…

so funny looking back.
then i thought i was (EW) puffy and (ECK) squinty-eyed,… NOT cute.
now i think it’s kind of endearing.
oh, i loved being pregnant.
probably because now i know what i got out of the deal.

to see this post from last year, click here.

happy monday, all!
(especially to those of you who have to face a dentist appointment today.)

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One Response to it’s not happening today

  1. Pat says:

    Oh also I think you need an optometrist appt! From these eyes in that bluebonnet memory, you are perfect.

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