hanging on each moment

well, hey there.
it has been exactly one month since i have posted on my blog.
i feel guilty and neglectful, but i have (obviously) been pretty occupied elsewhere.
the last 31 days have been an almost accidental yet totally intentional sabbatical.

so what did i do during the month of november?
oh, just a little bit of everything.
aside from thanksgiving, we didn’t travel very much this past month. but each day was full, some days, over-full. days were packed with having friends over for chili and cider, movie nights and popcorn on the couch with my man, giggly bathtimes with the wombat, late nights researching and trying to be brilliant in my office and moments when i’ve caught myself almost desiring to waste time on facebook or pinterest.
i have been – blessedly – busy – like a crazy person –  with work. i am so grateful for the business i have been given, yet i am still figuring out being a wife and a mom and a designer and a cook and a housekeeper and a good friend and daughter and sister…
sometimes it can get a little overwhelming.

so i made a call last month.
to be present.
to be thankful.
to be a hard worker and make my business what i want it to be.
to take time sitting with my daughter on the kitchen floor “making soup” with bowls and measuring spoons.
to take 10 minutes to clean my kitchen and be grateful for the home we have, to take care of it.
to read books.
to make our family’s christmas list.
to take hurley outside and actually enjoy the crisp, bitingly-cold air that stiffens my bones.
to truly look at the stars and the moon when my daughter points them out.

with thanksgiving just past, and christmas coming sooner than i think i might realize, i am giving myself the freedom to let go.
let go of things that can wait a few more days, and appreciate the things that will pass to fast. things that i want to relish. and savor with each breath.
my precious, frustrating, adorable, goofy family.
friends that i shake my head at every day, amazed at the gift that they are to me.
a job that is in truth my dream job, but something that i need to take care of and have to work at to make great.
i have a saying on my bulletin board in my office that says “squeeze the day“, and i am focusing on doing just that.

happy late thanksgiving and merry early christmas, dear friends.

photo courtesy chookooloonks
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3 Responses to hanging on each moment

  1. dad says:

    Where did you get such wisdom?????????/ We ALL need to have some sort of reminder system that sends this to us every time we’re in one of those “poor me” moments! THANKS for reminding us how blessed we all are!

  2. liz says:

    Luv this post lady!! Have a happy Christmas and merry new year 🙂

  3. patruth says:

    anyone who’s spread too thin — new moms, “old” moms, — need to have a cup of tea and relish in this post. We all need these reminders wherever we are in life…..

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