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the smiles after the blizzard

while we were in kansas last week, we had some pretty sick weather. but not the good sick. this texas girl can honestly say she has never seen snow like that. at least not beyond the ski slopes. never have … Continue reading

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today i met the blizzard of Oz.

aaaand we’re back. well, kind of. back to the blog. oh, my dear blog i have missed you! i never thought i would miss posting on a blog so much. but life without wireless internet? yep. i knew i would … Continue reading

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hurley hearts the snow

the hurls and i are the only ones in our family enjoying this beautiful snow, for sadly geoffrey is in atlanta missing it. cabin fever will probably hit sometime late today or tomorrow, so i decided we’d remedy that by … Continue reading

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what i saw when i woke up today

i know for some of you, this might be a normal winter occurence. one of these people is my husband. you grew up looking at the snow in the winter and loved the rare days when you had school cancelled … Continue reading

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