gets me every time

my boo, the baby daddy, and i have this little game we play with each other.
sometimes it’s fun. sometimes it’s just downright frustrating.
here’s how the game is played: if spouse H leaves his phone out where spouse W can get to it without spouse H seeing, spouse W hides spouse H’s phone. then spouse W gets to laugh when spouse H finally realizes his phone is missing and says “honey, can you please call my phone so i can find it?” 
and we don’t just hide the phone. it has to be hidden somewhere good.
if it’s a pretty good hiding place, it’s “j.v.”.
if it’s hidden somewhere really good, that’s “varsity”.
some of the past hiding places have been
– in my “vintage” 2005 national championship texas longhorns commemorative wheaties box
– in harper’s crib under the sheets
– in the quaker oats box
– in the dryer
– in a shoe in the back of the closet
but by far, the most varsity hide of all time, goes to my husband…

look closer.

look even closer.

that’s right.
he hid my frickin’ phone in a picture frame on the wall.
now that’s varsity, y’all.

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