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harper’s HALF YEAR checkup

we took miss harper to her 6 month well-visit on december 3rd. even this week i am still wrapping my head around the fact that my baby is half way to turning one year old. we met with miss elaine, … Continue reading

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she’s four months old

wow, where does the time go?? on thursday the 23rd, miss story had her four month doctor’s appointment. yes. that’s right. my daughter, who was 10 pounds 16 ounces at TWO MONTHS is now 11 pounds 11 ounces (this makes … Continue reading

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slings, bjorns, and other forms of transport

the last time i was in the pediatrician’s office, i was being a good mother and studying up on parenting while we were waiting.  like most doctors’ offices, ours has posted notices, warnings and informational sheets on the back of the … Continue reading

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our appointment with dr. evil

on friday, harper had her 2 month doctor appointment checkup. those of you who have kids know it is THE dreaded appointment – it is the one where your precious little baby gets her first round of shots. it will … Continue reading

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her first pediatrician appointment

harper had her first checkup this wednesday.  she did wonderfully (no tears at the cold weight-thingy or dr. hanks’ prodding all over) and is growing perfectly.  that day she was only 3 ounces away from being back at her birth weight of … Continue reading

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