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her suite is now complete

the nursery is done, y’all. finally done. my beloved rocking chair that we have been waiting on for an idiotic amount of time (it was supposed to be delivered june 3) came this morning! so after a little tidying up and styling… … Continue reading

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the tree has been planted (installed)

the baby daddy’s tree is complete.  he spent much of last weekend touching it up, installing the hinges on the back and putting it up in LL’s room.  is it not the most beautiful tree you have ever seen? we … Continue reading

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LL’s tree is progressing…

geoff is painting the tree tonight!  once it’s dry and installed, we’ll post the final pics. stay tuned…

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who knew he was so handy?

the BD (baby daddy) is the creative type. there has never been any doubt about that. he’s a marketing director.  he knows how to use photoshop (unlike some of us).  he’s a good dresser.  he appreciates good design. and now … Continue reading

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he is amazing, folks, and he’s MINE

the baby daddy has been solo painting LL’s room for the past 2 hours. yes, that’s right, solo. wifey got lightheaded and had to bow out of her honestly spectacular cutting-in skills and put her paintbrush down. so frustrating!  i … Continue reading

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the little girl has furniture

well…  A piece of furniture.  but that’s a start right!? i am in austin this week and The Mahm and i have been doing a little shopping.  we stopped by this consignment shop on south lamar that she has always … Continue reading

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