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i used to make fun of you.

really, i did. and i would apologize, but now i’m getting payback. you see, there were a lot of things i kind of scoffed at parents for doing, before i had kids of my own. i would see a parent … Continue reading

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how to travel. with a toddler. and not get frustrated.

these days it’s pretty hard to travel anywhere without a lot of TO DO. there is so much more that goes into going places than when it was just me. or just me and the spouse. the trips i have … Continue reading

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can you hear me now, mommy?

i would like a pat on the back and maybe a few rounds of “for she’s a jolly good fellow”, please. recently i have been awarded a new role within my mommying career: interpreter. as the one who is with … Continue reading

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what i’ve had to deal with lately

it is truly hilarious. and apparently imma have to learn a bit more about my camera and it’s action settings. since i have A WALKER on my hands these days, THIS is what comes out when i try to take … Continue reading

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trying to squeeze what’s left

i have never been as excited about fall as i am this year. but this week, i’ve somehow gotten all nostalgic for summer and it’s trappings… warm sunshine, naked babies playing in the pool, ice cold limeade… i feel like i need … Continue reading

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a new season.

it seemed to take a little longer than i thought. for the past 4 months or so, people would ask, “so is she walking yet?” even at her 15 month check up, the nurse just assumed harper was walking. i … Continue reading

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the joy of (watching a) discovery

sometimes i have deep thoughts. really deep thoughts. bear with me as i explain one i had this afternoon. so there i was, driving along a non-country (but we’re in branson so) country road. for some reason it made me think … Continue reading

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