her first pediatrician appointment

harper had her first checkup this wednesday.  she did wonderfully (no tears at the cold weight-thingy or dr. hanks’ prodding all over) and is growing perfectly.  that day she was only 3 ounces away from being back at her birth weight of 8 lbs 6 oz (which i guess she is supposed to be at by 2 weeks).  go harper!

harper and the baby daddy

our pediatrician is wonderful, by the way.  after all we had to say about dr. mccall, know that he is just as fantastic.  oh, and he calls kids that come into his office “treasure”.  how cute is that?

sweet dr. hanks

been in the waiting room too long...

i do not believe it's "just gas"

loving her daddy's face

they finally called our name - time to see the wizard...

on the doctor's table

harper did a great job and it looks like she is a healthy little girl!  thanks to all of you for your love and prayers this week as we figure out how to be parents and raise this little life.  we are so amazed and grateful.

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One Response to her first pediatrician appointment

  1. Katie says:

    oh i just LOVE her! what a good girl, no crying at her docs appt, i still do that!!! 🙂

    love on her from her aunt kewpie. love you mommy 🙂


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