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handerpants, a milk guitar, & santa the terrorist

ah, christmas. it’s a time of family togetherness, sheer insanity at the mall and babies tearfully wondering why their parents are placing them on the lap of a fat, bearded stranger. i mean, it is kind of cruel. but we … Continue reading

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the heat, the beach and shamu – part 1

branson to austin austin to college station then on to plantersville, then magnolia back to austin fly to orlando orlando to daytona beach daytona to st. augustine, then back daytona to orlando orlando to austin austin to branson. the end … Continue reading

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babygirl’s 1st birthday – part 1: the prep

it all began friday, may 20th – the day i picked my family up from the airport: my dad, the Mahm, my brother reed and my lovely new sister sarah kate. they were finally here! i was so excited to get the … Continue reading

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face paint, tattoos & cherry limeade

it was a lovely saturday afternoon. the sun was out and it was a nice, balmy 92 degrees. we had sweat pouring from each and every pore on our body. the crowds were horde-ish and the smell of turkey legs filled the … Continue reading

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i ran the austin capitol 10,000.

this was a big deal for me, dear readers of the team us blog. big. i, lindsay blair chapman todd, set a goal for myself. AND THEN ACCOMPLISHED IT. i am extremely proud of myself & super proud of my … Continue reading

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christmas in texas 2010 – part uno

as many of you know, we spent christmas in austin – the greatest, most glorious city there is. mostly because it’s home.  and yes, because we are awesome, this was our second christmas this year. (remember christmas in kansas?) one of … Continue reading

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a rare thing (our texas trip part IV)

my parents have been married for a long time, y’all. on august 22, my lovely parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. how amazing is that? i cannot believe how blessed i am to have two parents that love one another … Continue reading

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