she’s four months old

wow, where does the time go??
on thursday the 23rd, miss story had her four month doctor’s appointment.

yes. that’s right.
my daughter, who was 10 pounds 16 ounces at TWO MONTHS is now 11 pounds 11 ounces (this makes her 10th% in weight).
BUT she is in the 90th% in height, coming in at a whopping 25 inches!
is she her father’s daughter, or what?!
i just hope she gets his metabolism…

here geoff is trying to reassure her that we IN FACT do love her, poor girl having no idea what’s coming her way…
(shots. 5 of ’em. BOOOOO.)

and since we are excellent parents and took not-a-one picture post-shots…
let’s lighten up the subject and present the third installment of what to do while waiting for the doctor.

90th percentile?
i be taller than all these fool babies! check me.

i think we’ve found our halloween costume…

yeah, that’s right. i’m cute.

and you know my mama is raising me right, four months old and already hittin’ the lattes.
i mean, hello… obviously it hasn’t stunted my growth.

mmm mmm.
aren’t you proud of me, grandma?
mommy said you would be…
(note: in the last photo, that IS spitup on her mouth. i did not actually feed my baby espresso. what do you take me for, anyways? i kept the whole venti latte for myself.)

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2 Responses to she’s four months old

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    Oh Miss Harper, you are always good for a big laugh!! You’re more beautiful that you were just 3 weeks ago!! How does that happen?
    How blessed you are to have such silly, creative, out of the box parents. Blessed, blessed, blessed!

  2. Dani Williams says:

    Can I just tell you that Colt had his 2 month check up yesterday and he is already 14lbs…haha He has 4 butt cheeks, two knee pits on each leg, man boobs, and more chins than you can count (as a matter of fact sometimes it’s hard to tell if he has a chin at all) Miss y’all!

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