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holidays & a birthday in kansas

i thought i’d wait until it had been exactly one month since i last posted, but what the hey…. we had a lovely christmas. and new year’s. and i’d love to share it with you. but instead of talking, i … Continue reading

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don’t fence her in

the last time we were in kansas with family, we had the privilege of attending our niece hannah’s soccer “game”. and i shouldn’t really even call it a “game” because it was a bunch of adorable 4 year olds decked … Continue reading

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beware of the blog…i mean “phog”

That’s right, beware of the blog… Daddy’s taking over!!!  Wifey is letting me share about one of my Top 10 Moments ever, so let me begin with a question to all you readers who are parents.  What is the most … Continue reading

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it really wasn’t a fight

while we were in kansas, there was one moment that harper was totally enthralled by our new niece, amelia. so we sat them next to each other and harps could not keep her hands off of amelia and her face! … Continue reading

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the smiles after the blizzard

while we were in kansas last week, we had some pretty sick weather. but not the good sick. this texas girl can honestly say she has never seen snow like that. at least not beyond the ski slopes. never have … Continue reading

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today i met the blizzard of Oz.

aaaand we’re back. well, kind of. back to the blog. oh, my dear blog i have missed you! i never thought i would miss posting on a blog so much. but life without wireless internet? yep. i knew i would … Continue reading

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let’s go back. way back.

so i am sure all of you are just dying to know what team us has been doing for the holidays. well, i will not force you to wait any longer. the secrets are about to be revealed, the excitement … Continue reading

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