about us

this is the blog of team us.
i am wifey (yes, people besides my hubby call me that).
we are parents to 2 little girls: harper story, born 5.26.10 and finley winter, born 11.15.12
we treat hurley, our dog, like a human and are not ashamed.
we are far too in love with movies, jack bauer (may 24 rest in peace) and dr pepper.
we are from texas (me) and colorado (he)
but we’re currently learning what it is like to be midwesterners.
we love jesus, our families and people that read our blog…


3 Responses to about us

  1. Katie says:

    i so love you. and your blog. that means you MUST love me 🙂

    texas (and i) miss you friend!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    HI LOVE! 🙂 It has been forever! 🙂 I look forward to catching up “cyberly” (is that even a word!) through your blog! 🙂 SOOOO fun! 🙂

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