the comfort of thunder

there is something so profound about a summer storm.
particularly summer lightning storms.
they are so awesomely powerful yet they’re extremely comforting and peaceful.
don’t ask me why this is. (add this to the list of questions i’ll be asking the big guy one day in heaven.)

all day tuesday, team us enjoyed a little r&r out at big cedar and while we were there, there was a big summer thunderstorm, followed by a magnificent display of lightning. it was after 1 am or so and geoff and i had been watching a movie and were wondering what all the noise was outside.
we pulled the draperies back and found ourselves staring into a relatively small rainstorm which was playing a supporting role to a huge lightning show.

gosh it was beautiful.
the view from our window made it almost more so.
we had at least a 180 degree view from our unit of the rolling green hills and a small inlet and out onto the lake.
the sky is so big out there and it was the perfect place to watch such a spectacular act.
and our cameras barely did the storm the justice it deserved. but we tried.
both of us like nerds, he with his iphone and me with my canon pressed against the glass, waiting for the next big flash.

i have always loved storms.
rain, thunderstorms, bank lightning storms – love.
i joke that the song november rain by guns ‘n’ roses is “my song”, not because of the lyrics but because i was actually born in the november rain wayyy back in 1980. ask my mom, it’s true. and maybe that is why i love them so much.
it was the perfect end to our 8th anniversary.
to witness such awesome, breathtaking beauty and yet rest in the calm comfort of the sound of thunder.

(last photo by my boo)

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One Response to the comfort of thunder

  1. dad says:

    We are SO JEALOUS!!! Please send some of that wonderful wet stuff down here!

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