the joy of (watching a) discovery

sometimes i have deep thoughts. really deep thoughts.
bear with me as i explain one i had this afternoon.

so there i was, driving along a non-country (but we’re in branson so) country road.
for some reason it made me think about us as human race, where we started.
with nothing.
knowing nothing.
we had to figure everything out on our own.
then that made me think, wow. that had to have been so cool for god to watch us through the years and eventually through the centuries, watching us discover things. learn how to make things, how to make a fire, how to make a shelter out of trees, how to build a computer. i could think on it for days, all the “things” he has watched us learn and discover. that had to have been a joy and excitement to experience (and these seem like such little, puny words to describe it). i know that he knew how it would all happen and when, but i think of the love he had (has) for his creation and i picture him sitting there, elbow on his knee, smile on his face, literally on the edge of his seat as a discovery was about to be made.

in some very small way, i relate to this happy experience.
every day, i get to watch my baby girl discover something new. sometimes i am on the edge of my seat, just waiting in anticipation for her to finally get it. NOW little me has no idea what those things will be or how she will learn them, but i get to watch it. to see the excitement on her face when she figures something out, to see the wheels turning in her little head as she tries to fit a block into it’s corresponding hole. to look on (yet with severe anxiety about clean up) while she experiences the sweet taste and the icy feel of  ice cream in her mouth for the first time.

and just like our creator has for eternity, i know i am watching along with him as he watches excitedly as harper learns and experiences something new every day.

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7 Responses to the joy of (watching a) discovery

  1. patruth says:

    so beautiful. so inspired. so precious.

  2. nancy miller says:

    I agree those are the best moments EVER!! What a privilege to be witness to those little bits of wonder. Love your thoughts!! hugs, nancy

  3. Katie says:

    Love this. Sweet baby girl. Love her momma too 🙂

  4. team us says:

    Mary Durham said: Thanks for sharing. These are precious. Lindsay is so blessed!!

  5. team us says:

    Marilyn Ingram said: SO beautifully written! I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

    Of course, I had to look at the daily photos. What a doll that Harper is!

  6. team us says:

    Marsha Lockett said: Loved it….thanks for sharing.

    BTW, how de-lish is that Harper????? YUM!


  7. team us says:

    Vicky Abney said: I LOVE everything about Lindsay and her sweet family. She writes with passion and clarity and it’s fun to be a quiet little observer from afar. Thank you for sharing!!!

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