a frog on my toilet

as you read the title of this post you are probably thinking, “wow, lindsay is so funny and creative! she really caught my eye with that title… what does she actually mean?”

there is no hidden, brilliant story.
there was actually a frog on my toilet.

i woke up one morning last week and had to go to the bathroom (doesn’t everyone have to the moment they wake up?), so i  groggily walk into our bathroom and lift the lid (good job, hubby) and i see a huge (a relative term, i know) mass on my toilet seat.
now, folks, i wear glasses or contacts so i can’t see that great without them… especially first thing in the morning when i am still picking sleep out of my eyes.
so i am thinking gross thoughts… there’s no telling what that stuff is.
i grab my glasses and discover that a wee frog is just straight chillin’ on my toilet seat! ain’t wantin’ to hurt nobody, just chillin’.
(as a blogger, you KNOW i grabbed my camera right after my glasses.)

hubby came to the rescue and captured the little guy and returned him to the wild.
and you betcha i went to town on that toilet with my antibac wipes.

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4 Responses to a frog on my toilet

  1. HILARIOUS and oh so random. Love it!!

  2. patruth says:

    I remember another toilet story and an iguana? do you just attract them?

  3. Jennifer George says:

    I was going to say…this reminds me of another middle of the night toilet story involving another creature. 🙂 Definitely wouldn’t give up examining your toilet before going. You never know what you’re going to find…

  4. Bridgette says:

    This happened to me too this past Friday night!

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