my love letter to blurb

dear blurb,
i know we have only just recently met,
but i already feel comfortable saying i love you.

too soon?
i don’t care. and i want the world to know.
when we first became acquainted, i would get frustrated with you a little too quickly, and for that i am so sorry.
you have more than made up for it.
after i got to know you a little better, i really enjoyed spending time with you.
over the last few weeks, i admit it was A LOT of time.
luckily my family has been very understanding.

i wholeheartedly thank you for all you have done for me and in such a short amount of time.
i really was happily surprised.

when you first showed up on my doorstep, my heart fluttered and my stomach was full of butterflies.
it is hard to describe how big the smile on my face was.

and you were very respectful of my wallet. for that, the mister is extremely grateful.
most likely you and i will take a time out for a bit.
i hope this doesn’t hurt your feelings, but i think it’s for the best.

really. it isn’t you, it’s me. i need some time.
i need to take a break.
yet i know when the time comes, i will come running back to you. arms open wide.
but for now, i will treasure what we made during our time together. and that’s something i will always have.
when other people ask about you, i’ll have only positive things to say.
how could i not?
you were good to me.
and i know you’ll be good to me again.

until then i will miss you and will be thinking of you fondly. 
love always,

(note: blurb is a publishing service that offers free, downloadable, book-layout software where you can create your own books from your blog. i used this software and made 2 books, the first of many i am sure i will make in the future. also, i wrote this letter out of the love in my heart. it is not a paid or solicited advertisement.)

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One Response to my love letter to blurb

  1. Raelyn says:

    I love Blurb! I so want to see your creation. They were so much fun to work with when I made my wedding album and I can’t wait to have another excuse to use Blurb. Love it! 🙂

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