and then there were 4 – part three

after checking in at the front desk of labor & delivery, the concierge (ok, she was a nurse) escorted us to our room where we settled in. this part always feels so strange to me; having to settle into a l&d room and unpack your things, almost like it’s a hotel room. a hotel room that you’ll be in for a relatively short while, go through insane amounts of pain, and the place where one of the most important moments of your life will happen. exciting, surreal, and bizzarre when you think about it.

we had to wait for a little while – bummer since we had to check in so early, only to sit around – because our lovelywonderfulamazing doctor had not sent down her orders and was in the OR with another delivery.
after waiting about 2 hours, in which we picked out the all-important birth playlist (harper came into the world to “somewhere over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwo’ole; dosie’s album was going to be mission bell by amos lee), they came in and started me on the pitocin about 10 am. about an hour later, our lovely obgyn came in and broke my water and that’s when business really got going. just like when i was in labor with harper, i sat on the birthing ball (on a puppy pad, as i like to call them) to get a little more comfortable (believe it or not). contractions started to happen and things escalated pretty quick, then i knew it was time. time for the good stuff.
i asked for my epiduralNOWPLEASE.

our sweet nurse giggled and told me to just wait until the anesthesiologist came in, that he was so cute & handsome.
sidenote: our sweet nurse is at least 55 years old. and yes, she did giggle.
so there i am, in pain, hating life, but kind of excited thinking clooney might be the one to walk in to my birthing room and stab me in the spine with a large needle.

after much anticipation, the doc came in to give me my glorious drugs, and alas, was not clooney i’m sorry to say. but he did have an uncanny resemblance to whatshisname from mad men:


definitely not clooney, but perfectly good looking and amiably scruffy. seriously, this is exactly what our anesthesiologist looked like. minus the pipe. i don’t think they allow pipes in labor & delivery rooms.
he was really friendly, like the fun-loving frat guy, and made the uncomfortable experience of the epidural somewhat bearable. and watching our nurse giggle at everything he said and blush a few times (i never saw it but my husband swears he did) while he was in our room, was seriously hilarious.

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