and then there were 4 – part two

the night before was a hard one.
not only because we had to be up & out the door by 6:30 the next morning or because we still had to finish packing and then capitalize on the last “full” night of sleep we would get in a long time.
it was a hard night because my at-the-time only child was feeling miserable with a fever.
yes a fever.
we put her down at the usual time, about 8, and she was up at least 4 times before 11:30 – crying and acting a little disoriented. my heart was breaking for her and i could not believe this was happening on this night. worst of all, if she had a fever, would they not let her into the hospital to see us and meet her new baby sister?!
that wasn’t even a decision i needed to think about.
even if harper had a fever, she was still coming to the hospital the next day. even if she had to stay across the room, away from baby sister. that was not something i wanted her to miss.

eventually, around 1 am, my mom took harper’s monitor so that geoff and i could sleep. (harper ended up in bed with my mom around 2 am and then slept like a baby all night. and was apparently a pretty decent bed mate, surprisingly enough, for a toddler.) geoff and i both prayed ourselves to sleep that night, praying that harper would wake up with no sickness and no fever and would feel good in the morning, rested and in good spirits.

the next morning, it was so hard to not go in and kiss harper before we left. but i knew if we did, we might wake her and i wanted her to get all the sleep she could. i knew she was in good hands and that we’d see her later in the afternoon.
the best part?
we talked with my mom a few hours later to give her a labor update and when we asked how harper was, she said harper woke up with NO FEVER and in a great mood.
what a marvelous answer to prayer.

geoff and i checked in about 7:30 that morning to the labor and delivery wing of the hospital and were taken to labor room 11 – the exact birthing room that we were in with harper (well, the 2nd one we were in with harper:)).


the baby daddy was ready to go. ready to be the coach, ready to be the consoler & the encourager. i was ready too… to not be pregnant anymore YIPPEEHOORAYYIPPEEEE and to finally get to meet this little girl.


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One Response to and then there were 4 – part two

  1. patruth says:

    Oh what sweet memories….Harper sleeping in YaYa’s crib. Good bedmates. God was so faithful in hearing all of our prayers for healing, I totally forgot that she ran a fever that night!

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