a cute hat, The Beard and an airplane

in early october, we were in texas for about 2 weeks (praise jesus) and had some great family time! we were down there because geoff is doing an event at baylor on november 15 (hey, that’s tonight) and he had meetings on campus… then we drove down to the promised land. my hometown. god’s country. 
so here is a photojournal of sorts from our texas trip…

harper’s new favorite toy: glasses.

the mahm and i have a thing with putting any hat we see on the little girl…
and wouldn’t you know, she ROCKS every one.

harper loves her poppy.

harper’s second favorite toy? uncle reed’s beard.

towards the end of our trip, geoff had to head back to branson for work, so harper and i stayed behind for a little more austin time.
and now that our one-horse town has a big time airport, we decided we’d fly back home in style.
this was miss harper’s first time on an airplane, and i probably don’t have to tell you i was a bit nervous. i could just picture it: me as The Lady On The Airplane With The Screaming Baby. you always feel bad for that Lady, but you really want her to make her kid be quiet. i was totally worried that was sure to be me. i mean ALL babies cry on planes, right? 
so i boarded the plane, baby in the bjorn, with an arsenal of a bottle i had pumped the night before, a pacifier at the ready, burp cloths and blankets, and a latte (for mommy, of course – if you know me at all, you have probably never seen my left hand void of this beloved beverage). and my game face on.
as we started down the runway, i gave harper the bottle. it was small so she finished it quickly. she was done with it by the time we were off the ground and i was nervous she would start crying for more. but she did not.
she faceplanted on my chest the moment she was done with the bottle, slept like the proverbial baby the ENTIRE flight and later woke up as we touched down on the runway in branson (hooray, mommy got a nap too! and crap, did i need it after getting up at 5 am).
yes, my baby is awesome. and she STRAIGHT OWNED her very first airplane flight.

mommy so proud. (and relieved.)

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