you’re welcome, dave barnes.

i have a special treat for the readers of the team us blog today: a fancy schmancy guest blogger.
happy thursday to YOU. 
and that guest blogger is none other than the baby daddy himself. mah man. 
so promise to miss me until this weekend, mmmkay? 
take it away hubby…

Jon McLaughlin, Matt Wertz, Ben Rector, Braddigan, Thi’sl, Flame, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, the Afters, Need to Breathe, Dave Barnes, etc.  These artists have been a blast to work with and get to know during our AFTERdark events across the nation over the past several years.  Each one brings something special / unique and I would suggest if you can get to a show or snatch up any of their tunes / albums it would be a solid investment of time and money.  It’s been cool to see the direction each artist’s writing and music has gone while we’ve worked with them and to watch as their hearts and personalities seep into every lyric on their albums.  One artist whose personality always shows up in whatever he does is Dave Barnes.  He’s well known for this humorous side and a monster YouTube presence but he can also bring the meaningful when he wants to.  Regardless,  he just loves to have fun getting his stuff in front of people in all ways creative.  He recently recorded a new song called “God Gave Me You” and asked for people to send in photos of themselves with someone that exemplified this song.  He picked some of his favorites and made a “fan photo” version of the video.  Well, little miss Harper Story can be seen right around the 2:39 mark of the song and we thought we’d share it with you (Dave you finally hit the big time by making it on Wifey’s blog).  What to look for?…you guessed it, the above pic is the photo we submitted based off the lyrics “God gave me you for the ups and downs”.  Hope you enjoy the familiar face and a great song. 

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