and then there were 4 – part one

“it’s surreal” best describes it.
it was surreal when we found out we were pregnant with our second baby. (surprise!)
it was surreal when we found out it was a girl.
it was surreal when i started going in every single week for a checkup.
and it was still surreal when we checked in to the labor and delivery wing of the hospital for our induction on the morning of november 15th.

we had been a family of 3 since may of 2010 and had gotten comfortable in our life. then little lady numero dos (who we referred to as dosie for the duration of my pregnancy) decided to come into our lives. god’s timing truly amazes me every time. we aren’t sure if now is the right time, but his plan is perfect. i hate it love it when i get smacked in the face with that knowledge far too often.

on tuesday, nov. 13th, geoff and i went up to springfield for my 39 week doctor appointment. in the ultrasound, we learned that the little girl was (estimated at) 7 lbs 15 oz and was looking good. geoff even asked the tech if she wouldn’t mind making sure of the gender, you know, while she was “in there”. she regrettably said that the baby was in a position where she was not able to tell. guess we’ll go with “girl”! but what if…? ah, the anxieties of a new baby.

after meeting with our lovelywonderfulamazing doctor, we had a decision to make. she said that since baby was such a good size already and since we induced with our first & it went so well, that we had the option of inducing with this one. this would obviously guarantee that our doctor would be available to deliver for us (she was on call during the thanksgiving holidays, but gone the weekend before) which was a big plus for me. we told her we would talk it over and call back in an hour or two to let her know. but right after talking with her, i was pretty sure i knew what i wanted to do.
which was get doughnuts.

so the baby daddy and i went and got a dozen to chat over. (i had fully accepted the fact that the days of the fat kid were numbered and i might as well take advantage.) as hard as it was to make the call on when our second daughter would enter the world and we would no longer be a family of 3, we decided to go in for the induction. i was more than ready to be done being pregnant, and this was really good timing for us. we called it in and started planning for the next few days, beginning with that evening. we had to have one fun night, one last hurrah as a family of 3. so we began by letting harper choose where we went to dinner (for some reason, chili’s is her favorite place on earth).

we had a blast. we let harper order whatever she wanted (grilled cheese, milk, and fries) and we had dessert afterwards. it was the perfect night, just us 3. i loved every minute of it. especially the end…

i know these sweet moments won’t be going anywhere, but i felt it would be different somehow.

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2 Responses to and then there were 4 – part one

  1. Aunt Marte says:

    Lindsay, I love reading your posts. If I see one from you, I always go there first. This one was especially wonderful, and I thank you for sharing these beautiful intimate moments. I am so happy for the new family of four, and look forward to the next installment. Love, congratulations, and every best wish in the world to you, Geoff, Harper, and Baby Finley.

  2. patruth says:

    Beautiful. Such a pleasure/privilege/kick/thrill to be a part of this growing family. I love each of you so much. So much.

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