i used to make fun of you.

really, i did.
and i would apologize, but now i’m getting payback.

you see, there were a lot of things i kind of scoffed at parents for doing, before i had kids of my own. i would see a parent do something and laugh (inside, of course), thinking “what a crazy person…” or “they can’t be serious…”. obviously, i knew way better how to do things than this seemingly clueless veteran parent did.

now it seems the tables have turned on me. i am now that crazy person. i am doing things that someone on the outside may think is crazy, or incredibly unreasonable. things i never thought i would do. before i had kids, that is.
and these days, i justify it. to make it through.
because i totally know exactly what i’m doing.
allow me to give you a few examples…

those people who listen to children’s music –
i always thought, why not introduce them to “real” music instead? they do not need to be listening to little kid voices sing cheesy kids songs all the time! they’ll be much cooler when they grow up, of course, and they’ll be able to appreciate different kinds of genres. i obviously did not foresee the bieber-concert-level applause and ecstatic JOY that my daughter experiences when she hears a certain corny rendition of “the itsy bitsy spider”.  the smile and chuckle i get from it is enough for me to allow for the corny. i can take it. but after 37 straight runs of #19 on her children’s sing-a-long songs cd, i’ve usually had enough. then we switch over to metallica.

those people who feed their children (GASP!) sugar-
i could not get over it when i would see parents give their children cookies, or ice cream, or a sip of their overly-sweetened starbucks frappuccino. i mean, these are little growing bodies that need healthy building blocks like flaxseed and spinach and whole grains, people! then i remembered one time my dad telling me the phrase “you need to learn to pick your battles.” this has never rang so true for me until i became a parent. there is balance needed, yes, but a little sugar ain’t never hurt no one.
another saying i am quite fond of is “when in rome…”.

those people who feed their children “kid food”-
another thing i thought was doing such an injustice to kids. if you don’t give them a wide variety of worldly and gourmet foods, how will they every really love and appreciate food?? by feeding them these wonderful, palate-exciting things, they will become foodies… a well-rounded & cultured person… maybe even a chef one day. THEN i got to the toddler phase. oh really? they don’t eat? they refuse to eat anything and everything? i look over at my now-2 year old and realize oh, yep. we’re there. “besides MAYBE a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some i-see-that-chocolate-across-the-table for dessert, you can forget about getting anything in MY tummy.” it’s a cold staredown. defcon 3. you have to make a call. does my kid go hungry, basically every night of the week? or do i get something anything in her stomach? most dinners, i choose the second option.

parenting is about balance, y’all. i have learned a lot, and am still learning a ridiculous amount every day. i am not a pro. i have come to understand that everyone does it differently and that my way is not always the best way. i do not have all the answers. i have come around to the non-judging side of the playground (that is, unless a mom is rolling around in the sandbox screaming & having a hissy fit because her kid won’t obey – then i might have a hard time with the whole not judging thing), knowing that almost every mom & dad out there is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. and sometimes i see that i could take a lesson or two from those people that i used to make fun of.

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3 Responses to i used to make fun of you.

  1. dad says:

    Pay back is SO sweet

  2. patruth says:

    Oh you’ll never realize the wisdom you just spoke. Kids just keep you on your toes! I love it that you see the reality now! Parenting is no walk in the park!! You’re doing an incredible job my love.

  3. Erika says:

    you are one of my favorite mommies, and above is just one of the few reasons why 🙂 you are such a wonderful mama and h is lucky that God chose you to be her’s! keep learning and share everything you learn with ME please!

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