how to travel. with a toddler. and not get frustrated.

these days it’s pretty hard to travel anywhere without a lot of TO DO. there is so much more that goes into going places than when it was just me. or just me and the spouse.
the trips i have taken lately are just me and the wombat, since the baby daddy gotta work hard to keep us travelin’…
and i find there is quite a bit of frustration that accompanies this travel. although, honestly? most of this frustration is not at my toddler.

lately, this is my travel timeline:
1. get frustrated at the small town airport/all of the airlines that will only let me travel springfield to san antonio (my home base is branson – 1 hour south of springfield, and i have to go to san antonio – 1 hour south of austin, my destination = no sense.)
2. get frustrated that i have to pay money for my luggage, and of course with a toddler, you cannot fit it all into one bag.
3. get frustrated that i don’t have cash so i can’t check my bags curbside (reminder: i have a baby, and a stroller and 2 large  suitcases. and a massive diaper bag/purse. and a laptop. and my work ipad.)
4. get frustrated because NO ONE helps me out in the security line (reminder: i have a 30 pound kiddo, AND a stroller and 2 large  suitcases. AND a massive diaper bag/purse. AND a laptop.) i have to carry harper because she will wander otherwise and yet have to load all this stuff on the belt in the plastic bins and break down the stroller to put it through the thingy. whew!
i am always amazed at ALL of the people (both tsa and “civilian”) who just stand there, literally, watching and staring at me while i try to juggle everything! also, when we get off the plane and i am trying to find our stroller bag, open it, remove the stroller and pop it back out, all while trying to corral my toddler with one leg. it really is hilarious. i could be a skit character.
5. get frustrated because at DFW, they change my small-town flight to three different gates AND/OR terminals by the time i have boarded the plane.
6. get frustrated because my little girl will not nap on the plane. mama wants to nap too, yo.

sounds like i am a grumbling, super-negative momma, huh?
i was. once.

now i have decided i need to get a much better outlook on traveling, otherwise it’s a day of misery and irritability. and harper and i really do have fun. she’s a great traveler.
i mean, this is what i get to travel with:

so the following are my little rules that have helped me be a traveler with a better attitude and outlook:

#1: be grateful, while i am living in a small town, for the small town – after all, i did write a sort of ode to the small town. lord only knows how long we will live here and i want to notice all the little blessings of living here while i can. and i WILL be grateful for the tiny, adorable little airport we have here… even if it’s not directly taking me to my hometown until the middle of may.

#2: relax. my goal each trip will be to fit it all in one, very large suitcase. and if i can’t fit it all into one, it’s okay.

#3: have immense gratefulness to the curbside valet in san antonio, texas, who knew i had no cash and A LOT of stuff and still checked my bags for me at the curb. and helped bring them from the car too. again, with full knowledge he would not get paid. there are some good ones out there.

#4: have even more immense gratefulness when a TSA lady in the security line – the very first in all my travel-with-toddler history – who HELPED me out with all aforementioned stuff. i’ll remind you: a 30 pound mini-me, myself, a laptop, a large diaper bag, a stroller, my work ipad. i know i take the longest, so i pity the fool who gets behind me in line. each time it is so stressful. but this last time, when the lovely, nearly 6’5″ woman came to my rescue, i wanted to kiss her. i almost hugged her. and profusely thanked her. i think she thought i was a little weird.
#5: be grateful for the exercise in the dfw airport. seriously, that place is a large CITY and there is lots of walking up & down the terminals and going up & down the escalators to ride the tram that takes you around this airport city. another thing to be thankful for? getting to walk past at least 3 starbucks in the process. make it a venti, please. triple shot.
#6: snuggle up and enjoy elmo. the little girl loves her elmo. and since it is the only time she watches tv or a movie, she loves it. (and has become a little bit of an elmo stalker.) there is only one headphone jack, so i hold her tightly on my lap and watch elmo in silence with her. and enjoy the time i will have her in my lap on plane flights, for it won’t be much longer.
plus, she does eventually fall asleep a little on the plane.
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3 Responses to how to travel. with a toddler. and not get frustrated.

  1. team us says:

    Rebecca Wood said: I love your outlook on traveling with a youngster. As mothers, finding comedy in life’s little pleasures with our little blessings is what keeps us going. I will definitely remember this when traveling with my 3 munchkins next time… Thanks! 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    She ONLY watches TV or a movie on planes?!? Ok. I officially feel like a terrible mother.

    Also, holy COW is she precious!!!

  3. Shelly says:

    Lindsay we are here in Disney World and just flew with all four kids for the first time…I was relating to all your thoughts, SO Much!!!! haha. Glad we feel the same, and encouraging to hear your outlook because that is our goal as well…see the blessings amidst the chaos:):)

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