we’ve hired a new designer

lindsay todd design has been so busy recently that we have decided to hire a new staff member.
i’d like to take this opportunity to introduce her to you.
she goes by miss story, or harps, to those who know her best.
yes we do have the same last name. after all, it is a family business.

two of the main reasons i hired her are
her keen eye for color (she has a strong fashion sense, i noticed that right off),
and the enthusiasm she brings to her new job.

one thing i really liked about her in the hiring process is that she is quite coachable, always asking good questions.

the only negative i have seen so far is that when she is really busy with a project, sometimes i get a little attitude. but then again, what good is a designer without a little bit of attitude?

and i have noticed that she is prone to daydreaming…
although in reality her mind is probably just consumed by thoughts for a new floor plan
or schumacher’s amazing chiang mai fabric.

her customer service? OFF THE CHARTS.
she is  an intent listener, always repeating what they said back to them to make sure she got it right.
and, as is so important in this field, she has an amazing ability to multitask.

i’d like to say we are an equal opportunity employer, but in reality…
i hired her because she’s cute.

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10 Responses to we’ve hired a new designer

  1. team us says:

    Winston Chapman commented on your post.
    Winston wrote: “She’s cute and all but this still has a hint of nepotism. Be on the look out for the BBB. I really wanted that job!”

  2. Tanna says:

    I LOVE her and you! I wish we lived closer so I could hug your sweet faces! Naomi would have so much fun with Harper!

  3. Toni Barnes says:

    I think was a wonderful choice! I think she will be a great asset to your company. Love it Lindsay!

    Toni (aka NeeNee)

  4. Nancy todd says:

    What a savey business move….she will definitely bring in the young influence…oh so cute!

  5. patruth says:

    Oh you’ve got an amazing eye for talent. You’ve set the bar mighty high for any new employees. I may pull my application. Dang, she’s adorable.

  6. team us says:

    Mary Ann Holland commented: So fun! Very creative mama, but we all knew that…

  7. team us says:

    Winston Chapman commented: She’s cute and all but this still has a hint of nepotism. Be on the look out for the BBB. I really wanted that job!

  8. team us says:

    Karissa Wade commented: So funny!

  9. team us says:

    Casey Spain Foster commented: she is just too precious!!

  10. team us says:

    Sarah Kate Dillon Chapman commented: i am so proud of my little professional niece. If another designer were ever to be hired – however would she compare. Thanks for the smiles Linds and Miss Story.

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