can you hear me now, mommy?

i would like a pat on the back and maybe a few rounds of “for she’s a jolly good fellow”, please.
recently i have been awarded a new role within my mommying career: interpreter.

as the one who is with harper the most, i have the unique and impressive ability to understand everything she says. when she says “daw”, i know she wants to go sit at her art table and “draw”. when she says “moke” i know she would like some milk, please. when she barks at me like a pomeranian, i know she is telling me she would like “up” in my arms. this is usually how it goes – she tells me what she wants and i respond, knowing exactly what she means.
most of the time.

then there are times when i cannot for the life of me understand my own child. in very rare moments, i have a hard time trying to figure out what she is trying to get across. there are instances when i am staring at her saying the words and searching every inch of my brain trying to guess what she is saying, and still i come up with nothing.

poor kid. it must be hard being a toddler.
you are saying, very plainly and in english forcryingoutloud, what you want and your dolt parents don’t know what you are saying. but my wee one is a compassionate helper by nature. a lot of times she will say “mommy…read…book” and she’ll nod with the last word, almost to ask “ya get it?”

but there needs to be credit given where credit is due. the kid is a talker. and a good one at that. (’bout to get braggy, get ready.)
i’ll be in the kitchen and she will want me to come over and sit with her at her art/chalkboard table, so she will say “mama… daw… dausfin (dolphin).” poor kid has not come to understand yet that her mom has no talent in the drawing department. so she settled for a moon and stars – i can rock that with some chalk. (a dolphin is her favorite thing in the world right now, thanks to her grandma & poppa todd. they gave her a stuffed dolphin and a book with pictures of dolphins jumping in the ocean for christmas. she brings this book to me about 49 times a day saying, “mama… read… dausfin” with lots of dramatic nodding.)

i think she is leaps and bounds ahead of where i thought she’d be by now. she enunciates so well and knows so many words and actions. we’ll be eating breakfast together, sharing cinnamon toast and she’ll say “hahpuh… tose (NODS and points)… mama… tose (NODS vigorously).” or, when i take hurley to go to outside, she’ll point and say, “huh-ee… go… ahsside.” she is putting words together like that (and has been for about 3 weeks) that i had no clue a kid of her almost-20-months could achieve. i have read a few different places that kiddos don’t usually reach this milestone of putting words together until they are 2. YEAH GIRL!

she is so smart and so observant.

geoff says it’s because she’s a girl and that girls have A LOT to say in one day.
she’s just getting started early.

(side note: if you want to see a HILarious video about all that girls say, please watch this. if you are a girl or you know one, you’ll appreciate it. and then watch the second one. you’ll thank me.)

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