handerpants, a milk guitar, & santa the terrorist

ah, christmas.
it’s a time of family togetherness, sheer insanity at the mall and babies tearfully wondering why their parents are placing them on the lap of a fat, bearded stranger.

i mean, it is kind of cruel. but we do it because it’s a tradition. all kids have to do it. it’s a must. and as a parent you just follow along, assuming that their time has come and hey, it’ll be fun!

when you really think about it, don’t you feel bad for kids?
well, if not, you will when you see our santa picture.

we did it too. we took miss harper to the mall on christmas eve and waited in line so that we could introduce her to the wonderful, magic toy maker of the holiday, whom all kids love. or should love.
harper had NO LOVE.

after the compassion i felt for my child, i really felt bad for sweet santa. i mean, he was really trying and all day (i bet) he’s had to deal with little humans under 4 feet tall hating him for no reason. but he took it well. he was even willing to try a different position so that harper would stop crying.

once he was out of sight, she calmed down a little bit.
but it wasn’t until we left the mall that she returned to her normal countenance.
poor girl. evil parents.

for the rest of the day (and the rest of the holiday), my dad/bud referred to the bearded stranger as “santa the terrorist.”

that night, we went to the candlelight service at my home church. i am never lost on the wonder and beauty once everyone has their candle lit and you look around the room at all of the light and joy on everyone’s faces. it is truly one of my favorite moments every year at christmas. (i loved this moment from last year, harper’s first christmas eve candlelight service.)

that night was more of a christmas eve eve for us. my brother and sarah kate would be flying in from california the next day (from visiting her family), so we were going to treat the 25th like the 24th, in order to celebrate “christmas morning” with them. i mean, who would want to miss harper’s reactions and giddiness with all of the presents on christmas morn?

the next morning (our christmas eve) at breakfast, harper was walking around with her milk and spilled it down her shirt.
i know you’re thinking, WOW linds, you really write posts that keep me on the edge of my seat. but no, really. this is notable.
check it out:

pretty crazy huh? the milk she spilled was in the exact shape of a guitar. electric, if you ask me. (it kind of reminds me of strange things that happen to my brother sometimes.)
see? i knew you’d want to see that one.

that afternoon, we went and picked up reed & sarah kate from the airport, then the fun really began. it was “christmas eve”!

and then it was “christmas morning”…

in our house, a tradition on christmas morning has always been the picture taken as the kids come up the stairs (remember last year?). but of course, this year, the far-and-away-cutest picture was of harper coming up the stairs.

she was so cute when she finally made it up.
she looked around, saw everyone and smiled so big.

then she was so curious and interested in all that was there, just checking it all out. she saw her chair that my parents got her and was not too sure about it at first.

then when she sat in it, her hair got caught on the back and i was afraid she’d never go near the thing again. she eventually warmed up to it.
naturally… i mean what girl wouldn’t? it’s shearling, darling!

then she saw the bowl full of all the oranges from the adult stockings. drawn like a moth to a flame… (oranges = her fave)

stocking time!

there was a book in her stocking, so she handed it to bud and then “backed it up” – as we like to say – into his lap to read it. maybe 7 or 8 times that morning. (yes, bud is wearing a tattoo sleeve. we all got them in our stockings. finally, me = cool)

after a quick wardrobe change, there was a lot more opening of presents for the little lady. she really enjoyed it – i wasn’t sure she would really get into it, but she loved tearing the paper and opening boxes.

then more book reading with bud…

toy discovering with aunt kate…
more reading (her new peter rabbit book from uncle reed & aunt kate)…

helping bud open one of his presents…

obviously after a rather large breakfast…

while us girls were in the kitchen making christmas dinner, the men were just standing around in the kitchen, not making themselves useful. so i punished them by making them pose for a picture.

they loved it.

at christmas dinner, we have another tradition called table gifts. each year, we all get one gift and there is usually a theme. one year it was games, another year it was alma mater t-shirts. this year it was gloves. and boy was i glad because this texas girl can never have enough armor to take me through missouri winters!
so, i got some super cute gloves with a flap (technically called smoker’s gloves) so that i can use my bare fingers for my fancy iphone and things of that nature. hey, i am a woman of the future.
the best part of table gifts this year was, you guessed it, handerpants.
yes, my dad really did receive these for a table gift.
yes, these are real things.
yes, you can buy these.
and yes, they are actually called handerpants.
he wore them around for the rest of the night.
even while he was drawing with his granddaughter at her new art table.

it was such a sweet christmas. and they are so much more fun these days with a little nugget running around, making precious noises and getting excited over presents.
i’ll leave you with my favorite shots from christmas this year, and big surprise, they were taken by the baby daddy. i think they sum up well the joy and cuteness that was going on at our house this christmas.

merry christmas and happy new year from texas, y’all!

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3 Responses to handerpants, a milk guitar, & santa the terrorist

  1. patruth says:

    Good ones. Harper is gonna kill you later on that tummy after breakfast pic. Yep, kill you dead. 🙂 Kinda like someone else’s picture in a crib at Grammy’s house? Our Christmases just get better and better. Loved this one!

  2. liz says:

    Oh my goodness she is too cute!! Great to see you and I hope 2012 is rockin’ so far 🙂

  3. i can’t get over how cute and chunky your little chick is. the last time i saw her on this blog she was itty bitty! my how time flies! and you are lookin pretty hot yourself! love the red shirt outfit of yours. i’ve missed you. : )

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