holidays & a birthday in kansas

i thought i’d wait until it had been exactly one month since i last posted, but what the hey….
we had a lovely christmas. and new year’s. and i’d love to share it with you. but instead of talking, i thought i’d show you in pictures (and a video here & there) because i know that’s what you really want to see.

let’s start in kansas, with the todd family. there was a lot of this adorableness happening…

several times a day, harper would hand hannah a book and then proceed to back-that-thang-up into hannah’s lap. the girl loves her books, and they are even better when read by miss hannah.

in case you just aren’t sure, YES, there was a lot of cuteness that weekend.
also, harper still LOVES to be scared and hannah capitalized on this a lot. SO fun to watch.

our niece, amelia also had her first birthday party that weekend and there were lovely goodies made by my sister (in-law) sarah. she informed us that we each were designated 2 and only 2 cookies for the weekend (so that there were enough for the party – this was mostly directed towards my husband – and he had a reallllly hard time with this one. i think he tried to sneak some while sarah was sleeping.

she was straight up martha stewart for that party. well, she usually is when entertaining. great hostess, great ideas, great food. and i got to help!
if you have ever been around kids in your life, you know that watching kids open christmas presents is one of the best things about the holidays. harper’s grandma & poppa were so thoughtful and gracious with their gifts for her. they loved watching the joy on her face (or intense focus that she exhibits when getting a book). side note: best outfit/cutest thing harper got this year were these awesome moose PJs that you’ll see in the next christmas post. be on the lookout, they might make you faint from awesomeness.

we had such a great time with family that – as you can see – i didn’t take too many pictures. but i know you get the gist of the time we had.
it keeps getting funner and funner (i know, not a word, but i like it) to watch the 3 girls grow up together – watching them take care of each other, play together, love one another.
little girls are pretty rad.

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