the thoughtful gift giver

so harper has been doing some christmas shopping lately.
mainly, she has been trolling stylish & colorful magazines,
such as west elm, boden and j.crew.
the current issue of the cashmere & bridal genius (j.crew) has been
particularly helpful and interesting to little miss story as of late.
after her breakfast and morning sippy cup of almond milk, this is what she enjoys doing:



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3 Responses to the thoughtful gift giver

  1. dad says:

    A future fashion designer??? OH PLEASE don’t let her be on that dumb runway show !!

  2. nancy todd says:

    Harper is so intent in studying carefully her selections……… very cute and can hardly wait to see her……..and her parents this weekend!

  3. patruth says:

    j crew needs this for their ad campaign! i love her intensity. and there’s completely nothing wrong with that fabulous runway show!

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