don’t fence her in

the last time we were in kansas with family, we had the privilege of attending our niece hannah’s soccer “game”. and i shouldn’t really even call it a “game” because it was a bunch of adorable 4 year olds decked out in their finest gear, pretty much practicing the game of soccer. and it was one of the cutest things i’d seen in a while (minus my daughter, of course). each time one of the kiddos did something good, she would more than likely find her parents in the crowd and wave her little heart out. hannah not excluded. she would kick a goal and immediately find one of us and wave excitedly, making sure we had just witnessed her most recent athletic achievement.

this outing, as chilly as it may have been, was a blast for harper. she had fields upon fields to roam.
ever since she figured out this walking thing, she loves to just roam about. i really think if i let her, she could walk for miles. i need to take her out to a football field and just see what she does.
she usually will find something interesting on the ground, like a rock or a fallen leaf that she’ll clutch tightly and then there she GOES. as i watched hannah with her mom and dad, my boo and his dad were having quite a time with the little lady, watching her discover and traipse around the soccer fields.

now i know that a lot of parents think their child is a genius, but seriously – early on – geoff and i realized that our little girl just might be as well.
from a young age, harper could play with a ball in her hands and simultaneously play with a second ball with her feet.
NO i am not kidding.
so she’s pretty much the next mia hamm, right? i’ve already started applying for scholarships, don’t worry.
the men were out helping her hone her skills that day.
she walked hard. she trained hard.
so they let her rest. and she was cute doing it.
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