what i’ve had to deal with lately

it is truly hilarious.
and apparently imma have to learn a bit more about my camera and it’s action settings.
since i have A WALKER on my hands these days, THIS is what comes out when i try to take a photograph of babygirl:

(doesn’t she look like shrek in that picture?)


she is moving so fast these days, it is hard to keep up.
and man, it’s hard on my computer since i already have a hard time deleting ANY picture of her. even though these are blurry, i cannot bring myself to erase them. i mean, look at the huge smile on her face in that last one! as her mother, i can appreciate the photo. and i am probably the only one. (well, other than her daddy and her grandparents who think EVERYTHING is adorable.)
so i guess my computer will just have to figure it out.
in the meantime, i’m now taking advice from those of you who have had to deal with the same thing…
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2 Responses to what i’ve had to deal with lately

  1. nancy todd says:

    guess video will have to take the place of “stills” …….action shots are fun and we can feel her energy……..and the energy it takes to keep up with her……watch out Hurley!

  2. Katie says:

    I have a hard time deleting pictures too! But I have to as I take a billion at a time. :-). Love that mobile muffin!!!

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