trying to squeeze what’s left

i have never been as excited about fall as i am this year.
but this week, i’ve somehow gotten all nostalgic for summer and it’s trappings… warm sunshine, naked babies playing in the pool, ice cold limeade…
i feel like i need all of these things for just one more week in order to squeeze what’s left of summer, then i’ll be ok. and ready for the cold weather.

SO i made yogurt smoothie pops last week for miss harper (aaand myself, who are we kidding?) and was kind of freaking out about how messy they were going to be.
so we took her out to the front yard, plopped her down, and just handed one to her.

“have at it, kid.”
and she did.
she showed that yogurt smoothie popsicle who was boss.

for the 5 minutes she actually “enjoyed” it.
then the grass enjoyed the rest of it.

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One Response to trying to squeeze what’s left

  1. patruth says:

    Oh those eyes!! Can’t wait to see them in person in just a few days! Whoo hoo!

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