a new season.

it seemed to take a little longer than i thought.
for the past 4 months or so, people would ask, “so is she walking yet?”
even at her 15 month check up, the nurse just assumed harper was walking.
i have been patiently waiting for the little girl to achieve this milestone, but i also knew it would come when she was ready. i knew that this new season would come and i would probably long for the days when she was only crawling around on the floor. i mean, even with her crawling i was already chasing her, but on her feet, i knew she would be quicker.

there were friends and parenting experts that told me that it is very likely that since my child was an early language developer, that she would lag a little in the physical department; i.e. walking. they said that the little body can only handle one thing at a time, when it came to developing the big ones, like language and physical acheivements. great, i thought. she’s doing just fine.

i felt like i would be jumping for joy when she started to walk, but would also feel a bit of a loss for seasons past. when my little girl was a baby.
seeing her walk, it is now reality.
she is a little girl. no longer a baby.
and i did jump for joy, and have been for the last week.

she has been taking steps on her own for over a month now, always needing the help of a grown-up’s hand or the seat of a nearby chair. but this past week, it happened. and i can almost pin it down to the day.
it was as all the other parents said it would be: “just wait. they’ll walk and it’ll seem like it was overnight.”
yep. it felt like it was overnight.

wanna see miss story walk?
well, you know i couldn’t pick between these 2 videos, so here they both are…

in case you didn’t get enough cuteness OR you want to see me get knocked over, check this one out…


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2 Responses to a new season.

  1. Sara says:

    She is absolutely precious! I love her pigtails 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    Omg. TWO of my favorite people posted videos of their babies (you’re one of the just in case that wasn’t clear) and my heart is FULL! I could just eat that lil nugget UP! Go sweet girl, go!!! Love you both!!!

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