the heat, the beach & shamu – part 3

my favorite part of our trip was something we didn’t necessarily plan.
the husband got super excited about taking us to seaworld on the last day we were in florida (a big thank you to sweet friends who got us the tickets). i was thinking, sure, it would be fun but would harper actually enjoy it? and she’d have no nap all day (the day before we fly home, also a no-nap day) which might make for a rough couple of days…

but momma gotta chill out.
we had the. best. time!

geoff’s parents (and geoff and i both) loved getting to be with harper as she experienced all of these new things: gigantic sea turtles, brilliant flamingos, huge manatees and the almost-mythic narwhal, sharks and polar bears and the impossibly large shamus and the walruses…WOW.
you could see the wonder in her face and i especially loved all of the joyful giggles as she watched the penguins waddle about. so allow me to present to you all of my favorite pics from SW…

babygirl watching dolphins dance and swim for the 1st time:

grandma was about to have hip surgery the following week, so she had a little help getting around the park… and a little girl to put a smile on her face: harper meets shamu:
at the dolphin show with grandma & poppa:
looking at all of the fish in the aquarium, then waving at them: my hubby bursting with pride because he is sharing a hot dog with his daughter for the first time (i know, i know – so not my m.o. – but hey, when in rome, right?): about to enter my husband’s favorite part, the shark exhibit: harper & mommy in the wild arctic exhibit (she looks pretty sure on her feet, doesn’t she… ?): (don’t worry, there IS glass…) 
grandma & poppa took harper to the carousel while geoff and i dashed off to catch a quick roller coaster ride before our shamu show: and the final pics of the day…

we left seaworld sweaty, sunburned, happy and exhausted – but really, is there any other way to do it? a wonderful end to an incredible trip. geoff and i are so grateful that harper has been blessed with loving grandparents that want to experience things like this with her and love on her the way they do.
thank you for this trip!

now, i am so ready to be done posting about our vacation
(i feel like i have been posting on florida for weeks!)
and i am excited to move on to what she has been doing these last couple of weeks… and ooooh, it’s so GOOD!
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One Response to the heat, the beach & shamu – part 3

  1. patruth says:

    What fabulous pictures! I know it was an amazing memory time for everyone concerned. So cool.

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