the heat, the beach and shamu – part 2b

ah, the beach.
the smell of saltwater in the air (i swear i could smell it when we got off the plane in orlando) and the sound of the ocean – are there much sweeter, simpler pleasures in life?
it had been way too long since i had sunk my toes into the sand and felt the waves crash around my ankles.
oh, just my ankles, you say?
HECK NAH is this girl getting in any deeper than her knees.
fear of sharks. i haz it.
(pretty hilarious, since my husband’s favorite week of the year is shark week on the discovery channel.)

the sand was hot and colorful and we dug our feet deep into it.

geoff carried her out onto the beach and set her down on it. she was at once curious and then appeared to love the feeling she got from really smooshing her feet down in it.
then all of a sudden she looked up, saw the ocean lying ahead of her, and just started trucking towards the surf. so i passed off my camera, took her hands in mine and walked with her out into the water.

it was a really sweet moment for me, holding my daughter’s hand as she felt the ocean for the first time.

i didn’t want to hog her too much, so i took back my camera and watched as harper’s grandma & poppa took her by the hand and played in the surf with her.

then, of course, we had to take the necessary family pictures.
this one was my favorite.

all of you moms out there can probably guess what happened next.
we sat her down to let her play in the sand, and…

yep. she did. and a good, big handful of it too.
hey, when in rome, right?

once she was done investigating & ingesting sand, she had the grandest time holding onto daddy’s & poppa’s hands and prancing around the sand and shallow surf.

happy girl. 

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2 Responses to the heat, the beach and shamu – part 2b

  1. patruth says:

    These are such precious pictures!! My favorite is the one of her looking up while she’s holding Nancy and Terry’s hands. Beautiful.

  2. Katie says:

    Um. Had no idea we had the same intense fear. Sharks = the reason matt will NEVER convince me to go scuba diving, which he loves. Love you and miss Harps friend!

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