the heat, the beach and shamu – part 2a

so, as it turns out, babygirl is a total water rat.
the first day we were in daytona beach, we took the girl to the pool, figuring we’d start there and then introduce her to the ocean. the resort we stayed at had a great kiddie area, with things to climb on and through, and a step/ledge around the perimeter so she could hang on and sidestep her way around. the water was about a foot deep – perfect for a toddler who is still figuring out the whole walking thing.

man, she had a good time with her daddy discovering.

she loved the seagulls always flying over head… she said “bird” for the first time in florida:

we brought her float with us, blew it up and put her in it in the kiddie area, thinking she’d be able to touch the bottom of the kiddie pool and walk around in it.

that was all fine for a bit, then she wanted out.
what she really wanted to do was hold on to the side and push it all around the kiddie pool. big girl.

there was this tunnel that, i swear, she crawled through 73 times. she loved it.
and most times she had a little fan waiting for her on the other side…

babygirl basically had the time of her life (well, before she learned about the sand and the waves) with her daddy and her poppa (geoff’s dad)… probably obvious, from the millions of pictures i took and am now making you look at.

there was a slide in the kiddie area that i hadn’t thought twice about letting her go down, thinking it might freak her out (and hate it and never go down a slide again). but daddy and poppa were fairly determined to let her give it a try.
and they were right.
she LOVED it.
one of them would put her inside at the top and slowly let go and the other would reach up the slide from the bottom and catch her as she came down. and, of course, she had fans waiting at the bottom of the slide too.
after each ride, she would want to hold daddy’s hand & walk around to the steps to climb up to the slide again. and again. and again.

it was amazing we ever got her out of the pool at all, even if it was so see the ocean…
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One Response to the heat, the beach and shamu – part 2a

  1. patruth says:

    These are precious moments with her. Loved ’em!

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