the heat, the beach and shamu – part 1

branson to austin
austin to college station
then on to plantersville, then magnolia
back to austin
fly to orlando
orlando to daytona beach
daytona to st. augustine, then back
daytona to orlando
orlando to austin
austin to branson.

the end of august was a complete whirlwind. and i loved every single minute of it.
i’ll do this post in three parts – i don’t want to overwhelm you with the insane amount of pictures i took… at least not in one post!
so get ready.

part 1: the heat (texas, obviously)
we started our little team us vacation in austin.
and good lawdy, once we got down there it was BLAZING, so there was a lot of this:

so hot that we decided it was the perfect time to introduce babygirl to POPSICLES:

i think she liked them.

(well, done on the super cute pics, karissa! thank you:)
while in austin, at one of my favorite places to get good, fresh mexican (zocalo, yummm) she had another first:

she tried to bite it, hug it, and batted it around until it was almost out of air.
there was a lotta chillin’…

and quite a bit of shopping with mama for work…

(the best part of that was the air conditioning!)
the baby daddy and i went to the wedding of some dear friends (this is the college station-plantersville-magnolia part of the trip) and left the little girl home with yaya & bud (my dad & The Mahm)… they spoiled her rotten while we two-stepped the night away…

after a week of lounging by the pool & good family time, punctuated often by me taking advantage of interior design showrooms in austin to get work done, we headed to florida to spend time with geoff’s parents.
the flight was a little rough because it was right when harper usually goes down for a nap and, well, she’s a toddler now…
let’s just say we are both super grateful that there was an extra seat in our row.

when she started rubbing her eyes, we thought she might get in the nap she was missing…

(how awesome is the open-mouthed sleeper in the background?! muahahahaa, he has been immortalized forever…)
she kept squirming, then got herself into this position and seemed content for a while…

then she wanted to look out the window again…

this lasted for a while. she loved the clouds and the sky, and at one point she pointed and said, “water”. smart girl!
all of this sweetness and cuteness was followed by a lot of restlessness and a little frustration (hence there being no pictures to commemorate those moments) on mommy’s & daddy’s parts.
oh, but here’s the kicker: just after the pilot announced we were about to land, THIS happened:

AH, the timing.
but seriously, it was adorable. poor thing was so tired.
her body got more and more limp and she finally just slumped over, almost hitting her head on the wall (nice save, daddy!).
little did she know she needed the energy for what was coming in florida.

to be continued, in part 2…

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2 Responses to the heat, the beach and shamu – part 1

  1. OHMYGAWSH popsicles. she is seriously so cute.

  2. ya’ll seriously have the .c.u.t.e.s.t. baby girl in the world! ohmygosh she’s so perfect. i love keeping up with y’all – great blogging Lindsay

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