what i’ve been dying to tell you

over the last 2 weeks, MANY things have happened in the world of miss harper story.
it’s like she has completed a major stage of growing up
and achieved toddlerhood overnight.
i’m still shaking my head in disbelief as i type this.
here are some of the things i have been dying to share with you since my little vacation hiatus…

1. i can now pull her hair into pigtails.

crazy, huh?
she still has her david bowie-esque long side pieces, so they are perfectly long enough to pull them around to the back and into a little girl pigtail!
they don’t stay in though… any mommies out there have ideas for keeping them in??

2. now, more than ever, she is a total water rat.

for reals, y’all.
bath time. pool time. random fountains… she loves the water.
you shoulda see her in florida this past week – she was all about the kiddie pool and the glorious waves of the atlantic.
(the above pictures were taken during a particular bath a few weeks ago – she was all smiles, giggles and squeals the entire time.)
this little girl is gonna miss summer.

3. she’s going to walk any day now.

she walks easily just holding onto one grown-up hand and just YESTERDAY she took the most steps she has taken yet (about 5!)…
i know i will turn around one day SOON (tomorrow?) and she will be walking without any help.

4. she has a new face.

world, meet “turtle face”.
yes, a new face is a huge milestone in this family of hams.
(she can also tell you what a turtle says, including a deer [a personal favorite], frog, dog, fish, duck, AND  lizard. since we went to sea world, we’ve been working on what a seal says. and boy, it’s cute.)

those are some of my favorite milestones that have happened over the last few weeks.
full recaps from our trips to austin & florida coming soon…

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5 Responses to what i’ve been dying to tell you

  1. B Hesson says:

    She’s so so precious! Love the pigtails. 🙂 Did you hear the news?

  2. patruth says:

    #1 I thought they were “pinktails!”
    #2 OMG that pic of you and her walking….priceless….so precious

  3. Kate says:

    Holy moly little H I sure do LOVE you and your cuteness! And you’re so SMART! I don’t even know what sound a deer makes?!? Maybe you cab teach me :-). Oh and I LOVE LOVE your momma too! 🙂

  4. team us says:

    ginny hawkins henderson said: “she is such a doll, lindsay.” (via facebook)

  5. missy white says:

    lillyanne is looking over my shoulder and said, “she is so cute!!” about little harps. who’d have thought..the girl who could only make a deer noise is now calling your little lady cute. time sure flies when you’re having fun. love ya my friend.

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