my mom-low moment of the month

a few weeks ago, we had our last little trip out to big cedar for the summer.
during dinner on our last night, i had a low moment in my journey of motherhood.

if you know me (or at least read our blog)
you know that i try really hard to feed my little girl healthy food.
this low, a big low, ocurred during dinner our last night there.

on kids menus, there is never anything that is the least bit healthy.
it’s always your basic hot dogs, mac & cheese, pizza, fried chicken fingers… nothing with any redeeming qualities. because of this i usually bring harper’s dinner with us when we go out (or eat meals at kamp) then i know what is in the food she is eating. we had just spent the entire day at the pool and i didn’t have anything with us to feed the little lady.
as i am perusing the kids’ menu, i choose the only thing that would be somewhat toddler-finger-friendly, the macaroni & cheese.
silly me, i’m thinking this is big cedar. i’ll bet they have a really good mac & cheese here. maybe i’ll sneak a few bites from her bowl

(AND IT WAS $4.50.)

after my inital shock and the multiple WTFs that followed, i accepted defeat and put the bowl of cheapo, unhealthy mac & cheese in front of my precious child and let her at it (figuring that she IS her father’s daughter and would most likely love it).
and she did.
couldn’t get it into her piehole fast enough.
it was like she hadn’t eaten solid food in a week and would most likely never eat ever again.
or like watching oliver twist if he encountered an all-you-can-eat-buffet.

seriously, i have never seen her grab such huge fistfuls of food before.
and it was a miracle she didn’t choke, with the amount that was being stuffed into her mouth at quite an alarming rate.

on that note:
over on my food blog, i’m posting a healthy macaroni & cheese recipe this week… come check it out!

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One Response to my mom-low moment of the month

  1. Nancy says:

    LOL oh the power of salt sugar and cheesy carbs . First thought get whole wheat Mac , grated healthy cheese and a grab of chopped frozen mixes veggies. uR such a fab mom, lv Nancy

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