a joy and an ache in my heart

a few weeks ago, a friend of mine came to town.
this friend, she is so dear to me and i consider her one of my closest friends.
one of the closest i have ever had and one of the closest i know i will ever have.
she and her family came to family kamp for one blissful week, and it went by way too quickly.
the joy of having her here was immense, and watching her go made my heart ache.
there is just never enough time spent with friends who live too far away.
but when we are together, we always begin just where we left off.
taking candid, goofy pictures and loving on each other’s kiddos like they were our own.

i have known her oldest (above, who just turned 6) since she was about 7 months old and i have watched her and her 2 little brothers grow up.
her third was born 5 days before miss harper was, so i had someone to be pregnant with which was a huge blessing for this first-timer.
her mommy taught me more than she will ever realize about being a mom.
we still regret not taking pictures together when we were together last, in october.
our babies were about 6 months old and we completely forgot to take pictures of them with one another.
so this time, we made sure to take LOTS.
taking pictures with kiddos is always an adventure…

thank you, lord, for the dear friend i have in missy.
i see your love for me through her and watching her as a mom has grown me and refined me as a parent.
how grateful i am for her.

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One Response to a joy and an ache in my heart

  1. missy says:

    Feel so blessed by YOUR friendship. Love you SO much!!!!!!!!!

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