“just make sure to blow in her face”

for father’s day, harper let her daddy have a special moment with her.
while we were out at the pool (at kamp) she was gracious and good-spirited enough to let him dunk her for the very first time.
(i know, i know, father’s day was like a hundred years ago… just pretend like it was last sunday. ok?)

it cracks me up.
whenever anyone talks about putting your baby under for the first time, everyone always says “now make sure you blow in her face before putting her under!” (The Mahm was one of these people.)
so i obeyed. we obeyed.
and this is how it went…

just a quick blow in the face…

down she went & up she came…

she did great, all smiles after hugs from daddy and cheers from mommy.
then she went surfing.

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2 Responses to “just make sure to blow in her face”

  1. patruth says:

    Yay Harper! So cool. Good job. i think the cup drownings in the tub helped! See you Saturday!!!

  2. Jennifer George says:

    Oh my goodness that Harper is a cutie! So happy to see pics of your sweet baby girl. Jackson was so bummed he didn’t get a pic with her on the last morning of kamp. But I understand she sleeps in, unlike my crew. Still can’t believe how lucky you all are with that! Miss you all and hope to see you the weekend of Aug. 12th when we’re back in town.

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