a few good things about small towns

i am a city girl.
i was born and raised in austin and i consider myself to be one who enjoys what a big town has to offer. but let’s be serious, i am from texas, so that means i also adore the rolling hills, the beautiful country and the friendly peeps.

since we moved to small town midwest USA, it has been a challenge.
lordy i miss the restaurants (i’m not big on the chains, if i have my pick), the stores (when you don’t have to drive 45 minutes to a bigger town to get what you really need – or, as in my case, you become a professional internet shopper), THE WHOLE FOODS, the museums & culture, a life! i love my town feeling alive! 

sometimes i even miss the traffic.
before you think i am crazy, i’ll say this: traffic makes a city feel alive to an extent. there are people, everywhere. people going places, to do things. even when i am stuck in traffic while visiting my hometown, i try to look on that bright side of it (after i’ve called my friend to tell her i am going to be an hour late).
since i have been here, and it can be tough sometimes, i have tried to make melonade out of melons. i’ve done my darndest to look at the positive side of things and really try to appreciate this small town for the good parts.

such as…

the airport
first, when you go to the brand new airport in town (yes, there really are rocking chairs), you can pull up front, lock your car and leave it while you walk inside to greet someone.
no i am not kidding.
i was there a couple of weeks ago, picking up family and this lady in front of me gets out of her car and does the prissy, over-the-shoulder beep thing with her keys and waltzes right into the airport. now, i had just been at DFW the week before and my mindset is “WHAT THE WHAT, lady?! you can’t just leave your car at the curb! you’ll be arrested!!”
but you really can. and she did.
second, you can get to the airport 30 minutes (probably even 20) before your flight is set to depart and still check your bags.
really. when The Mahm left after harper’s birthday week and she wanted to be at the airport an hour prior, but y’all know how life is unpredictable with a little one… that just didn’t happen. we rolled up at about 11:20 (she was set to depart at 11:50) and she still had a bag to check. i kept saying, “chill, The Mahm, this is branson. you’ll be fine.” and she was.
now how many airports do you know where you can do that!?

the grocery store
dude, they know my name.
well, they don’t know my name but they know my baby’s name.
over the years going to the same grocery store near our house, i’ve come to know the checkers and they’ve come to know me, well, my face.
and then i went and had a kid and they all think she is the greatest thing ever. (well, she is actually. she waves nonstop from the moment we walk in the door to the moment we leave. and she’s got her radical, trademark hair going for her.) so they all know her by name and their days are seriously brightened when we walk in (way to go US!). the other day i went shopping by myself after the baby daddy got home and when i got to the checkout counter, the checker asked me where harper was.
apparently i am not enough for them.

the post office
it’s really just less than 10 minutes from my house, but there is a small post office in “point lookout, missouri” which is located on the campus of a tiny college. i had made a trip to the ups store and the owner said the lady at the point lookout post office was “the best in town” with passports, and since babygirl needs one this year, i was in the market. so instead of visiting the other two POs that are closer to my house, i figured, “well if this lady’s the best, that’s where we’re going.” i pulled into the college’s gates and after driving around the campus twice (seriously, it’s really small), i was unable to find this magical post office. i grabbed my iphone, punched in “post office” to the maps app, found the phone number & called to ask directions (obviously. i’m a woman.) the lady asked me where i was and what kind of car i was driving. she looked out her window until she saw me and then went on to direct me to her as she watched me get closer. only when she saw me pull in the parking lot did she get off the phone and say “see you inside, dear”. 
what has YOUR post office done for YOU lately?

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4 Responses to a few good things about small towns

  1. ok, stop making me miss branson already. there’s something crazy special about that little town. love and miss it!!!! hope you guys are doing well!! ps, was it sunfest?

  2. vandani1016 says:

    and you don’t have to wait forever at the DMV!

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