it might not be too long now…

someone tell me quick, when your kiddo stands up on their own, how long before they actually START WALKING?!
please tell me it isn’t here quite yet.
please tell me that my time for chasing around an incessantly-moving toddler has not come.
please tell me that i won’t be fall-on-my-face exhausted, wishing for the days when my child would just SIT STILL.
yet i cannot wait for the day she discovers that she can get herself around on those little legs, wobbling and giggling as she goes.

ever since she discovered her knees, her palms, and all the world to discover around her, i have felt that way. feeling not quite ready but oh-so-ready and excited. 
she is constantly on the move, learning new things and uncovering treasures. and completely unloading each and every shelf of DVDs in our house.

recently, while we were out at big cedar (for our 8th anniversary WOOT WOOT), we had some family pool time. one afternoon in the kiddie part of the pool, harps crawled over to her daddy’s legs, took hold, stood up and LET GO. she stood there all by herself for a few seconds. if you are a mommy, you know that a “few seconds” is a big deal! and ever since (big cedar was 2 weeks ago, almost) & at random times, she will let go of whatever she is holding on to and stand, unassisted until she falls back on her precious little rear end.

now i am proud of her and all, but all i can think is I’M NOT READY! WHY DIDN’T YOU ASK ME IF I WAS READY??!
i guess it’s just another one of those things that, as a mom, you are swelling with pride at your little one’s accomplishment YET you feel as if you are not ready to reach and pass this milestone.
i will be so proud of her when she decides she is ready to take that first step, but until then, imma gonna take advantage of the moments that I AM NOT chasing her and am able to sit still for more than a few moments.
wait, harper, those are hurley’s dishes… don’t touch… NO don’t lick them!!

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One Response to it might not be too long now…

  1. patruth says:

    oh ma gosh, i love love love that first picture. all the changes, growth, newness, adventures, milestones of a baby. they don’t get any richer, harder or precious. enjoy every moment my love.

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