babygirl’s 1st birthday – part 2: the party

and then the partygoers were there.
geoff’s mom & dad, his aunt, his brother and his wife, their 2 little girls, a handful of great friends who came to celebrate harper…
our house became full fast and so did my heart.
(the pictures i took from the party didn’t turn out so well. read: people’s eyes were closed or they looked like they were about to sneeze.)

here i am explaing to my sister, sarah (todd) and my friend, jill how i had a total and complete meltdown while making the lovely cupcakes sitting on the table.

the crowd begged for it.
so we gave it to them.
the must-have kid-digs-into-a-cupcake-at-her-first-birthday-party scene.
although it was a rough crowd. for the cupcake.
(skipped nap, tired kiddo)

i saw this adorable party hat for the little lady and knew she had to have it for her 1st birthday party.
doesn’t she look like a little gnome in it!?

then we grabbed our little woodland creature and headed to the pool…

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