babygirl’s 1st birthday – part 1: the prep

it all began friday, may 20th – the day i picked my family up from the airport: my dad, the Mahm, my brother reed and my lovely new sister sarah kate. they were finally here! i was so excited to get the weekend started – the weekend/week we would celebrate my first baby’s first birthday.
that night we had a relaxing dinner at home… and then the craziness started.

on the morning of saturday, may 21st, we started the day with a lot of yumminess. i made my breakfast burritos (this time with chorizo and it RULED) and coffee cake. i thought we would have leftovers for the next day, but we pigged out pretty hard core and there was nada left. and… there were only 5 and a half of us.

my proud moment of the morning? harper eating the eggs/bell pepper/chorizo/salsa mixture and LOVING it.

if i had borne a daughter who didn’t like salsa,
i am not quite sure what i would do.

oh, and while she was eating, this was happening…

next, the work.
my family got to it like whoa. they took on jobs decorating, cleaning, organizing, cooking, dishwashing… you name it, they helped me do it.

1. they took the bulletin board from my office, stripped it of all my stuff and put up photos of harper. (my mom made the letters up top.)

2. they decorated our kitchen table with photos (i know, it was starting to look like a shrine around here, but i didn’t care) and some more letters that my mom made (how super cute are THEY?)

3. using twine, they turned our lightshade in our kitchen into a photo displayer.

4. they decorated the front door with a banner a friend of mine made.

5. then we took a break.

after our little break swinging with harper, we got back to the cooking:

we made munchies for the partygoers: bite size tacos (using scoops chips), marinated cheese (always my go-to, SO delicious) and watermelon, feta & black olive skewers.
well, they were supposed to be skewers. but the dang feta kept breaking apart. so it became a salad. in a bowl.

we made gingersnap cupcakes with vanilla cinnamon buttercream frosting and also chocolate crumb-topped cupcakes.
oh em gosh they were good.

and then all of a sudden it was 1 o’clock and people started showing up…

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