and a happy memorial day to you

happy memorial day, friends!
team us hopes you are having a wonderful time with family and close pals and that you are relaxing and enjoying the summer that is now upon us.

we have been having the most fantastic time with family for the week of harper’s birthday (which was may 26th). i have truly been enjoying each moment with those visiting from far away – so the blog has been left on the backburner.

i do promise to let you know all about the little lady’s first birthday party and all the partying that went with it… once i get my head screwed back on a little tighter and am not sitting in the corner blubbering from utter and sheer exhaustion.

for the last several days, this has been the scene in my living room (except minus the boys and add one confused one year old little girl):

NOTE: the first part of this video YES was me this weekend YET the last part of this video was NOT me. my child is the sweetest thing and my husband is NOT the devil (i just LURVE this movie and this particular scene so i had to show it – you’re welcome). he was wonderful & amazing all week, as you’ll see in the birthday posts coming this week. although if he had come home early the other day, he would have found me buh-buh-buh-ing in a corner chair and would have had to find a barrel of water to throw me in.

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One Response to and a happy memorial day to you

  1. katie says:

    LOVE me some overboard. didn’t even have to watch the clip to know that’s what it was. and LOVE you even more!!! happy late bday harps, can’t wait to see pics!!!

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