babygirl at 11 1/2 months

so last week i tried to take harper’s 11 month pics.
YES I KNOW that she will be turning one year this week, but hey at least i DID it right?
her 7 month pictures? those i forgot to do totally. and one month didn’t happen either, now that i think about it. 
poor kid.
i had such high hopes of doing the set of 12 pictures so i could see how she grew each month compared to the chair in her room…
hey, 10 outta 12 ain’t bad. or erm, 9. (must remember to do her 12 month this weekend.)

anywho, when i took her 11 (and a half) month pictures… well, THAT was kind of a joke. the girl is such a mover these days, i wanted you to see what our photo shoot was like…

we moved to the other chair in her room and i gave her a little something to chew on THEN she sat still for more than 3 nanoseconds…

that precious hair and those beautiful blue eyes make me a little less freaked out about toddlerhood.
if only for a moment.

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