why i love youtube wednesday – volume 13

one of the things that the boo and i connected with very early on in our marriage was a love of dance.

i grew up dancing, yet i don’t so much partake in dancing myself these days, unless it’s teaching harper how to get her groove on.
and geoff may not have grown up taking ballet class but that boy can command everyone’s attention at a wedding with his version of the worm.
(seriously, it’s so hot.)

we love a good – and watch any and every – dance show. when so you think you can dance started 6 or so years ago, we were addicted. and still are. there are a few new reality dance shows, and you can bet we be dvr-ing that bidniz.

our addictive tendencies towards television aside, i found this video somewhere (i wish i could remember something, anything these days!) and i lovelovelove it.

i am a card-carrying member of the dance nerds yet i also happen to be a huge fan of yo-yo ma.
which has translated over the years to loving the cello. (lucky ducky for me, one of my BFs is a violinist and i get to hear a similar instrument whenever i desire.)

so you can understand why i love this video so much.

this video is a collaboration of the two worlds, music and dance, and the outcome is spellbinding.
(if you are in a place where you can, turn the volume up so you can hear the quiet beginning.)

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