show show me how to linky…

one o’ my homies usually does a “friday links” post on (obviously) fridays.
i liked the thought this week because there are a few things that i have come across this week that i want to share with you while i finish the other blog posts i am writing… 
so happy friday!

  • really excited about the opening of this shop: BLESS YOU, ANTHROPOLOGIE. (maybe i need to have another wedding… yet thinking of using a few things for babygirl’s 1st bday bash.)
  • loved this post by laura jane on the celebration that saddened my heart a few sundays ago. so well said.
  • sweetly blessed by the discovery of this blog/book. i am planning on starting a list of my own “prudent advice” for my daughter.
  • these precious words makes me wonder what kind of little girl mine will be. will she be a rebel? will she be goofy? will she be free-spirited? i love thinking on these things…
  • i heart this post . if you’re a mommy you will appreciate the way she comically describes being the parent of a toddler. (and from this week, this post gave me quite the chuckles.)

photo by yours truly

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