face paint, tattoos & cherry limeade

it was a lovely saturday afternoon.
the sun was out and it was a nice, balmy 92 degrees.
we had sweat pouring from each and every pore on our body.
the crowds were horde-ish and the smell of turkey legs filled the air.
booths were stacked with handmade jewelry, homeade beeswax candles and local honey.
with the crazy number of street performers, i felt like i could have been in downtown london.

it was a first for miss story.
we were at the the pecan street festival in austin.
we listened to the one man band and watched the balloon maker dude.
my sister and i got henna tattoos and serious tummy aches from massive cups of cherry limeade (yet they had the good, sonic ice in them = totally worth it).
and the little lady got her first face-paint-at-a-festival experience.
it was ridiculously adorable.
we ended the day with a fantastic dinner (where my brother came & joined us) and good family time.
oh, and showers.

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One Response to face paint, tattoos & cherry limeade

  1. dad says:

    The four prettiest girls in Texas (last pic, not the balloon guy)!

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